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eTALE Africa — Teacher eLearning Africa project enhances teachers' skills to teach literacy in Sub-Saharan Africa. The project provides guidance and best practices on how to teach literacy from the basics to more advanced reading comprehension. The eTALE Africa takes into account especially those children who struggle with reading. Read more



Every child has a right to education (UNESCO, 2007). There are 250 million children in the world who are not able to read. In Sub-Saharan Africa half of the children are not learning the basics in reading. A quarter of children reached grade 4 but did not learn the basics, and over a third did not reach grade 4 (EFA Global monitoring report, Sub-Saharan Africa 2013).


The focus of eTALE Africa is to provide research based high quality pedagogical teaching and learning support on reading acquisition and reading instruction. This support will build the capacities of teacher training institutions (universities, teacher training colleges, etc.) to deliver relevant and effective teacher curricula on literacy learning and learning difficulties.

"Live, learn, play"

- eTALE Africa